What a difference a year makes

A year ago, the university was still finding its way toward enhancing distance learning. Some of our faculty members were still deciding what roles they would play and the directions they would take. The campus was working toward the adoption of Proctor U for online student identification authentication, and many panels and focus groups were … Read more

Two students and their stories

I teach the Principles of Microeconomics course online.  The semester started Monday, and I already have two stories to illustrate the value of online learning to our students. Mr. M (not his real name) In response to my “Welcome to your Online Principles of Microeconomics Course” email to all my students this past Sunday, Mr. … Read more

It’s time to assess and polish

In Fall 2012, I developed my online course for Principles of Microeconomics.  It seemed pretty straightforward at the time – work with an instructional designer, complete the required assignments in the course for faculty, and have the course ready to go by January of 2013. Though the development phase was enjoyable, it took time and … Read more

Apropos apps – and other cool technology

I have to admit that I’m a latecomer to the world of apps.  I heard “there’s an app for that” long before I had a smart phone or used an app.  All I knew for sure was that no one seemed to have an app for laundry, dishes, or floors.  As far as I know, … Read more

So you want to teach online?

Before the start of each semester, the faculty is invited to a half-day teaching symposium organized by the Teaching and Faculty Support Center (TFSC).  We are fortunate on our campus to have a center dedicated to the scholarship of teaching, and I look forward to the opportunity each semester to pause in my class preparation … Read more

Class discussions

Recently, I participated in a discussion group of faculty on the topic of discussion groups with students.  We talked about how often class discussion languishes until the last few minutes of the class, leaving us with one eye on the clock (so that we don’t go over the allotted time), one ear tuned to the … Read more