What do employers say about online education?

Last week, the College of Engineering gave me the opportunity to make a short presentation to the Dean’s Advisory Board about the university’s progress in online education.  After we talked about online education and the vision, enrollment trends, infrastructure, support systems, and efforts to address academic integrity, I asked the Advisory Board members – who are employers – what they would need from the University of Arkansas to assure them that graduates of our online degree programs are as prepared as graduates of our traditional on-campus degree programs.

Here’s what the employers who hire our students told me:

  •  They trust our faculty and believe any program—whether fully online, blended or face-to-face—that we endorse will be of high quality.
  • They will rely on metrics and assessments to validate the competency of our graduates from online courses, just as they do for our other graduates.

Faculty are the key to the success of online offerings, just as they are in face-to-face offerings.  Our experience with assessment in face-to-face offerings will serve us well, as we develop assessments for the university’s online offerings.

What do you think?

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