So you want to teach online?

Before the start of each semester, the faculty is invited to a half-day teaching symposium organized by the Teaching and Faculty Support Center (TFSC).  We are fortunate on our campus to have a center dedicated to the scholarship of teaching, and I look forward to the opportunity each semester to pause in my class preparation and learn from my peers.

This year, the Winter Teaching Symposium offered faculty the opportunity to learn more about Distance Learning at UA.*  The Vice Provost for Distance Education Javier Reyes combined technology, insights from faculty who teach online, and data about online education to prepare and present an engaging multimedia opening, keynote presentation, and closing video.  Later in the morning, Curt Rom, Cheryl Murphy, Marty Matlock, Paul Cronan and I collaborated to present a breakout session entitled “So you want to teach online?

For many of us, online teaching seems overwhelming, and we aren’t sure where to start eating the proverbial elephant.  When we share our questions and concerns about teaching online, it’s pretty clear that we all have to start from wherever we are. We’re all making a similar journey—and  sharing the lessons we’ve learned along the way makes our online teaching community stronger.

You can review the presentations and faculty (video) reflections and tips on teaching online on the Global Campus website, along with responses to the questions below from 50 faculty who attended the two breakout sessions:

  • What questions do you have about teaching online?
  • What fears do you have about teaching online?
  • What is one thing you commit to do this semester to move closer to your personal goal for teaching online?
  • What is one thing you commit to do during the next academic year to move even closer to your personal goal for teaching online?

In addition to providing a handout on using technology and Bloom’s digital taxonomy, we asked faculty what resources would help them in their online teaching.

It was exciting to be a part of the dialog about online teaching at the Winter Symposium, and we’ll have a lot more to talk about in 2013.  Stay tuned!

*Global Campus Faculty Resources — Winter Symposium material available:

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